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Triggered offers
Looking to suggest your monthly subscribers to migrate to an annual subscription 5 days before renewal? With CleverPay it only takes a few clicks. No app updates required!
Sales with Discounts
Launch a huge Black Friday sale with a time-rush offer for all users. Completely custom design. No app updates required.
Experiments on your business model
Considering multiple subscription levels? Or a one-time purchase that works like an infinite subscription? How about consumable products? You can try it every which way with no code changes required!
Changing features availability
Control feature availability remotely, targeting groups or specific individuals. Find the best set up for Premium users, Super Premium users or even for that one special person. No app updates required.
Changing pricing
What if you could charge your users twice as much and get the same conversion and churn rate? That’s for sure worth checking out!. We can help you do that and more — with no app updates required.
Experimenting on design
Find out if the button color or the CTA your CEO’s been insisting on actually affects conversions. With CleverPay it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3! And guess what? Yes, no app updates required.

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Take your pick from our library of screens. Designed (in Sketch) and coded (for iOS and Android) for you to launch your campaign in 3 minutes

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