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Cleverpay lets you manage in-app purchases and subscriptions between different stores and platforms with the simplest and most straightforward SDK in the universe.

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Supports purchases between stores
Google Play and App Store right from the start. Web purchases, Amazon Store, Tencent Myapp, 360 Mobile Assistant, Xiaomi App Store, Steam and more to come!
All business-models included
Subscriptions, consumable and non-consumable purchases, customizable purchase restoration flow, remote validation and cross-platform management. As easy as 1, 2, 3.
No hardcoding
Create new in-app products, make it ready for sale (iOS) and ship it to users without ever updating the app.
Purchase anything using one method
Avoid all obstacles and different purchase implementations between stores. Purchase anything, anywhere with a single method.
The most flexible purchase SDK
We've contributed some purchase screens to open source, so it's easy for you to start, but you can work with SDK with any UI whatsoever.

Make an offer they won't resist

Take your pick from our library of screens. Designed (in Sketch) and coded (for iOS and Android) for you to launch your campaign in 3 minutes

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