CleverPay has over 15 default and up to 50 custom parameters for user segmentation. A platform, days after registration, geo and much more β€” mix it and use it how you want.

Make targeted offers for specific segments to boost your sales. For example, launch discount campaign with custom payment pages for a national holiday in the certain country. It is very user-friendly and can be a great chance to sell your in-app products.

Another way here to increase revenue and answer an important question (how to price an app) β€” pricing experiments. Change the price for segments by region to see the response. There is a chance you charge too little/much in some of them.

Also, it can be extremely useful in feature toggle management. Want to add a new feature in an app but have doubts about it? You can set an experiment with it or A/B test on needed segments and get precious users feedback and metrics that will help you to decide.