CleverPay is a service created by app developers for app developers. We know the struggles of managing in-app purchases firsthand. That’s why we made it our mission to make app monetization easier, more secure and most importantly — more profitable.

Let CleverPay handle the technicalities, so you can have more time to focus on your app


CleverPay treats a range of pain points paid app developers are too familiar with:


CleverPay obliterates purchase fraud for Android apps and provides reliable routing for iOS ones. No more profit loss from patching or lame subscription handover.


Break down your audience into segments by applying 15+ default filters and up to 50 custom ones. A platform, app version, last login date, geo and beyond — all at your disposal for laser-sharp targeting.


Let your creativity flow as you put that segmentation to good use. You can experiment with varied pricing, targeting parameters for your offers and even the color scheme of your purchase screen. CleverPay makes it as easy as A, B, C. Well, more like A/A/B to be exact.

Targeted offer pages

Launch a limited time offer page to a target audience in 1 minute. CleverPay has an out of the box color-customizable solution to get your best price out there.

Feature Toggling

Set an experiment and control feature settings (e.g. price, availability, etc.) remotely for select user segments. A fantastic tool for refining an app’s business model.


All that experimentation will yield great results if you rely on clear metrics. No unnecessary data clutter for your CleverPay dashboard! We provide only the essential metrics to guide your growth. Plain and simple.

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Company CleverPumpkin has been providing full-cycle mobile application services since 2011. The company has made apps for the projects like «», «Habr», «Interfax» and many others.

Every year CleverPumpkin takes in the lead positions in Russian ratings of the app developers. Google even included CleverPumpkin in short international list of companies that are recommended as verified Android developers.


Denis Germanenko — CEO, Board Member

Since 2011 Denis is Chief Executive Officer of CleverPumpkin. He has more than 10 years of experience in the apps’ development field. Before CleverPumpkin he has worked at MediaPhone SA as project manager.


Ivan Kozlov — Board Member

One of the founders of CleverPumpkin. After the big success of the very first app company made for Aviasales, he had joined this project as vice president of mobile products keeping membership in the CleverPumpkin’ board. Since 2017 Ivan has been working as product director in VK.


Seva Billevich — Board Member

Seva too had joined Aviasales and worked as the lead mobile app developer. After Ivan had moved to VK Seva took his place and become vice president of mobile products.


Victor Kozlov — Board Member

Victor is an entrepreneur that specializes in the IT market. He is a co-founder of companies like, Barsum, Reksoft.


Daniil Kozlov — Product Manager

Daniil had worked as a product manager in companies like Bambk, IQ Option, and Topface. In 2016 he joined CleverPumpkin


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